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"Innovation is about connecting the dots... If you want to connect more dots, you have to collect more dots."


Today more than ever, innovation is the key to survival and long-term success. Those who have the aptitude for identifying opportunities, creative thinking, problem solving, and risk taking will elevate themselves, their organizations and the communities around them.


I have compiled a list of research studies and surveys that identify the 21st century job skills critically important for the future of work and organizations. It is essential that employees across sectors and levels develop competencies like creativity, critical thinking, strategic thinking and problem solving to find and develop impactful solutions for the increasingly complex world we live in.


Believe in the magic of exploring innovation-related events. Learn new tools, resources and best practices for your industry. Apply what’s working in other industries to yours. Meet with new strangers and old connections. Discover new clients, contributors and collaborators. There are many reasons to attend conferences and workshops.


I have curated the world's largest list of innovation-related events, conferences, festivals and happenings. Included is an extensive list of events happening across the globe that cover everything from innovation, creativity, trends, startups, consumer insights, technology and new ideas. Some of these events are well-known on the innovation circuit. Several of them may be unexpected. All of them will leave you inspired and prepared to continue down a path of successful innovation.

"Jason is a can opener. He taps into innovation."

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