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"Jason is unique in that he has both a strong technical aptitude as well as the ability to create and cast a vision."


Were you recently tapped to introduce innovation within your organization? Did you start a business you wish were more innovative? Does your company already get the whole "innovation thing," but is still looking for that next spark?

Companies hire me when they need help establishing a culture of innovation within their organization or when they need to think differently about their business. 

I have spent years organizing programs and initiatives that provided me with a front row seat to some of the most common challenges and popular solutions in corporate innovation. Even the most traditional industries - from insurance, to government, to nonprofits - are beginning to evolve their mindsets and focus when it comes to where, how and why they innovate. I can help you and your team tap into opportunities that drive future impact and assist in your efforts to increase a culture of curiosity and problem-solving within your organization.

"Jason Williams is a great resource for accurate and detailed information for new product development, market study and concept validation. During the 5 years we worked together, Jason helped with major research and development projects including consumer understanding, pre and post launch evaluation and product design. On every project, his resources and knowledge were essential to the final results and understanding. Having Jason on our team meant that every dollar spent will bring hundreds back later."

Netzah Sadeh, Keter Group

"Jason is a can opener. He taps into innovation."

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