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"He really started the event off with a bang!"


Invite me to speak at your next event. Are folks in your organization or industry curious about how to be more innovative? (Answer: Yes, they are.) Groups work with me when they need inspiration for establishing a forward-thinking culture or when they need to think differently about their businesses. I've been described as a can opener for innovation and can't wait to help your participants tap into the trends, skills, tools and resources that drive businesses forward. I am based in Indianapolis, but love opportunities to connect with new cities.



  • Learn 5 steps you can take to start driving innovation in your organization

  • Equip your team with innovation-building activities

  • Hear real examples from real businesses that you can implement

  • Learn the top people and soft skills driving the 21st Century workforce

  • 5 steps you can take to start increasing innovation skills within your team

  • Equip your leaders with the skills they should be hiring for

  • Learn the top retail trends you should be aware

  • Equip your team to apply new trends within your organization

  • Better understand trend resources and where to identify new changes in retail


Interested in how to drive better innovation at your organization, but looking something else a little different. I have presented a variety of talks and workshops about discovering and connecting ideas, branding & marketing, networking, industry trends and developing your curiosity. Below are some examples of additional talks and workshops I can give:

  • Sparking Curiosity: Innovation doesn't happen when we withdraw from the world

  • Beg, Borrow & Steal: Good innovators borrow and great innovators steal

  • Networking for Innovation

  • Problem Solver’s Toolbox: What's in your toolbox for innovation?

  • Building an Ecosystem for Innovation: Learn how you can connect communities and establish programming to drive innovation across your organization and region


"Jason Williams arrived with a positive, energetic attitude. He presented an audience-capturing and engaging talk with slides that allowed you to focus on the words he was saying, instead of trying to read paragraphs off of the screen. Additionally, his presentation offered achievable suggestions using ideals that were easy to connect to. Nothing in his presentation was abstract or unattainable. The audience seemed to really enjoy Jason’s talk continuing to converse about his opening slide that was humorous and provided insight into the flow of the remaining presentation. As the first speaker, he really started the workshop off with a bang. The thing that stuck out to me was the resources that Jason provided were focused on areas that usually get neglected when thinking about entrepreneurship and innovation, connecting with people. Very informative and intriguing."

Karmen Williams, Regenstrief Institute

"Jason's keynote at the 2019 Retail Technology and Innovation Conference was exactly what we needed to set the stage for the audience before diving in to daily tactics to improve their marketing strategy. He spoke to new trends and examples in the world that we've all seen as consumers, and reframes them in a way that gives business owners the freedom and urge to think of practical applications for their own businesses. He draws parallels to these large budget, national brand campaigns in a way that makes it seem attainable and applicable to their communities, customers and business model. He shared an in-store experience of Converse that is clearly large scale, massive budget and not likely to be recreated in a shoe boutique in Chicago, however he walked through the parallels of what instagramable in store experiences you can create on a low to no budget plan. His approachable personality and patient approach makes him relatable to the SMB audience at large

Emily Washcovick, Yelp


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All Videos

All Videos
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Anyone Can Be An Innovator (Jason Williams, innovation keynote)

Anyone Can Be An Innovator (Jason Williams, innovation keynote)

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Influencers In Action: Jason Williams

Influencers In Action: Jason Williams

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Reinnovate | Jason Williams | TEDxGary

Reinnovate | Jason Williams | TEDxGary

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Need a speaker or facilitator for an upcoming event? Of course, I would love to be that person if it's a good fit. But maybe you need someone outside of my areas of expertise. That's great too! From panel discussions to keynotes to hands-on workshops, I have recruited and scheduled dozens of rockstar presenters for events both big and small. Please contact me for more details.

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Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss this in more detail.

"Jason is a can opener. He taps into innovation."

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