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Think BIG and work on things that matter!

Were you recently tapped to introduce innovation within your organization? Did you start a business you wish were more impactful? Does your company already get the whole "innovation thing," but is still looking for that next spark?

Organizations hire me when they need help:

  • Coming up with new, impactful ideas

  • Thinking differently about their work

  • Establishing a culture of innovation within their organization

  • Telling their innovation stories

  • Planning events and workshops that bring people together in meaningful ways

For INDIVIDUALS - Innovation may not be your job, but it can be your responsibility. Equip yourself to create future impact and learn to make purposeful connections by exploring new ideas, industries and insights. 


For TEAMS - To achieve success in innovation, companies must equip themselves to make purposeful connections across industries, ideas and insights. Empower your team to be more curious and provide them the tools to solve better problems and create future impact.

Marketing and Innovation go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Good marketing and branding is essential to any innovation. To achieve success, companies must invest in marketing new products and services as much as they do in generating them. If you are struggling to design a clear brand identity or can't define how best to tell your story, let me help.​

Meaningful events drive Purposeful connections

Innovation is about connecting the dots. And if you want to connect more dots, you have to collect more dots. There is no better place to add dots to your canvas than at an event produced with meaning and purpose. Too many events today are unproductive and unmemorable. Whether you are looking for a speaker, emcee, facilitator or producer, let me help you plan an event that drives innovation forward by creating an atmosphere of whimsy, inspiration and connection.

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Innovator. Marketer. Explorer. Jason Williams is a can opener for innovation who is passionate about connecting people to people and people to ideas. He has spent years organizing programs and initiatives that provided a front row seat to some of the most common challenges and popular solutions in corporate innovation. Jason helps teams tap into opportunities that drive future impact and assists in their efforts to increase a culture of curiosity and problem-solving within the organization.

Marketer. Jason spent 11 years as the U.S. Marketing Director for one of the world's largest consumer products manufacturers. 

Innovator. For the past decade, Jason has built and led innovation communities, working directly with innovation teams across a wide variety of industries. 

Entrepreneur. Jason is the founder and owner of Spycomps, a business intelligence company focused on the consumer goods and retail industries. 

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Event Planner. From private workshops for small company teams to large conferences with hundreds of attendees, Jason has planned, organized and hosted hundreds of events focused on innovation.


"Jason's keynote was exactly what we needed to set the stage for the audience before diving into daily tactics. He spoke to new trends and examples in the world that we've all seen as consumers, and reframes them in a way that gives business owners the freedom and urge to think of practical applications for their own businesses."

- Emily Washcovick, Senior Field Marketing Manager, Yelp

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